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SEALpreneurship Podcast

Episode 4 | The Swim Buddy and The Code of Life

SEALpreneurshipThis episode will take you through the “two is one, one is none” core of the SEAL philosophy by learning the importance of having a swim buddy in all aspects of life. You’ll also hear legendary SEALs Ed Hiner and Gary Denham discuss how the swim buddy is the code of life, embedded right down to our chromosomal pairs and nucleotide pairing!

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San Diego Union Tribune: Someone San Diego Should Know: Ed Hiner

As he watched children suffer the ravages of war, Navy SEAL Ed Hiner promised himself that someday he would do something special to help children. Hiner, a decorated combat veteran, is keeping his promise. He is helping San Diego children in foster care overcome obstacles to success using the essence of SEAL training.

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